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General Data Protection Regulation Vedder Service

Any company that processes data related to offering of goods or services to people in the European Union (even if not EU citizens) or related to monitoring their behavior should be focused on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which became enforceable on May 25, 2018, and carries potentially heavy penalties for noncompliance.

GDPR is  one of the hottest topics in data privacy, and Vedder Price is well-credentialed to counsel companies of all types and sizes on GDPR compliance and risk. From in-house training and legal support to policy documentation and crisis management response, our team is equipped to ensure that your company is taking all reasonable steps toward GDPR compliance, both now and in the future. Vedder Price leverages the knowledge of our colleagues in our London office, who have experience working directly with regulators in the EU.

The power of data has never been more apparent, nor has data protection been more necessary. Our team will help make sure that your company is collecting, storing,  using, and purging data in a way that is consistent with the GDPR.

  • Provide in-house training tailored to your organization’s management, legal and compliance teams
  • Support your in-house legal department in drafting data protection policies and procedures, as well as testing and implementing data breach response plans
  • Assist in mapping, assessing and documenting your personal data
  • Notify relevant European data protection authorities of breaches or data incidents
  • Prepare management for crisis management response to minimize impact on operations
  • Defend against regulatory fines and private claims.


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