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In view of our size and geographic spread, we are particularly well placed to assist with international employment law issues. 

Our attorneys have extensive experience navigating the myriad legal and compliance obligations related to hiring and maintaining a global workforce. We regularly help clients manage and resolve immigration, employment, employee benefits and traditional labor issues in more than 100 countries, each with unique legal structures. In addition, we help structure and implement cross-border employee compensation and benefits arrangements.

Our attorneys assist companies in opening or expanding their operations globally or in relocating employees internationally. We manage implementing global incentive schemes, downsizing international workforces, transferring employees and effecting both individual and collective dismissals. In a world of greater regulation, we also undertake independent, cross-border investigative work, such as employee investigations into sensitive and confidential disciplinary or regulatory matters.

UK and EU Employment Law Support from Our London-based Team

Vedder Price has employment law capabilities in London, supported by significant infrastructure and capabilities from the U.S. We also have corporate counsel representation in London. Across the firm we work as a business partner to our clients, ensuring clients are best positioned to deal with matters that arise as part of business life. We spend the time it takes to research and understand clients’ businesses and the pressures they face on a daily basis. In this way, we can react promptly in accordance with client needs.

Leveraging Our Global Network

We have a global network of trusted advisers, some of whom we have worked with for many years. We work with members of our network often because they mirror our philosophy of understanding our clients’ businesses and providing exceptional client service. We are proud to have “best friend” relationships with numerous international firms that will provide our clients with personalized and responsive representation, rather than using “badged” offices. A further advantage is that our alliance with these lawyers gives us the flexibility to be competitive on costs we negotiate and also allows us to choose the right firm to fulfill the requirements of the client’s local employment law advice needs.

We always ensure that the local advice is user friendly by maintaining a common standard and harmonizing the advice, following up and ensuring our clients’ satisfaction. Where needed, we use a “traffic light” system so our clients know which jurisdictions are “low risk” and which are not. Finally, we keep on top of costs and ensure transparency for our clients.

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