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Vedder Thinking | Events Navigating Harassment Challenges in the #MeToo Era: Practical Guidance for Employers and HR Webinar


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4 October 2018

 *UPDATE* Webinar now available for download.
Please e-mail to request full recording. 


Please join us at the following session designed for in-house counsel and human resource professionals, led by the Labor & Employment attorneys of Vedder Price. At this complimentary session, we will discuss important legal updates and labor and employment best practices.

With the #MeToo movement bringing harassment claims to the forefront of the media, we are delighted to offer a webinar focusing on navigating the myriad of challenges employers face when working through workplace harassment issues, hosted by Vedder Price employment solicitors Jonathan Maude and Esther Langdon.

We will discuss all stages of workplace harassment, including the following key areas:

  • Proactive steps employers should take to foster an environment of respect at all levels of the organisation
  • Forewarned is forearmed – the best ways to make sure you have the information you need to assess likelihood of problems and level of risk within your organization
  • Making sure your employment policies and procedures for lodging complaints are up to date and work for your business
  • Training managers on responding to staff concerns, from low-level harassment incidents to full-fledged allegations
  • Dos and Don’ts for properly handling internal investigations – including the following:     

Guidance on when to engage an outside party
What to do if someone raises a complaint and tells you he or she doesn't want you to investigate it
What to do if evidence is needed from people outside of your organisation
Record-keeping and data protection/GDPR issues
Communicating with victims throughout the process about status of investigations and next steps

  • Considering sanctions – discipline and dismissal
  • Getting it wrong – looking at the implications of mishandling harassment complaints, with a look at some recent awards and cases

In addition to gaining practical tips and insights on best handling workplace harassment claims, this webinar will provide you with the opportunity to submit questions about the unique situations your organisation is facing, which we will answer privately.

Event Details

Thursday 4 October | 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (GMT)
Online seminar

Who should attend: This event is intended for in-house counsel and human resource professionals.

CPD Credit

England and Wales–1.0 hour CPD.


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