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Vedder Thinking | News Daniel Stander Comments on Mental Health at Work as Featured in d&i Leaders

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Daniel Stander, Associate in Vedder Price’s Employment group and Mental Health First Aider, provided his perspective to d&i Leaders for their article “Mental health at work: how to beat the backlash.” The article discusses current disputes in the United Kingdom regarding the need for increasing services for mental health among the country’s workforce.

Several professionals, including Daniel, have weighed in on the topic, offering insight on how different industries perceive the growing impact of mental health concerns and the resources needed to mitigate them. Daniel suggests that employers become proactive in addressing mental health wellbeing within the workplace by providing the proper management tools for stress, burnout and other conditions.

For a full read of the article, including Daniel’s recommendations from an employment law standpoint, visit d&i Leaders’ website here.


Daniel Stander