Vedder Price

As an associate at Vedder Price, you will work in an environment of intellectual challenge designed to help you thrive—and, of course, one that supports you in all facets of your development.

Professional Development. We devote significant time and resources to professional development—from training to mentoring to pro bono experience. Few law firms of our size devote the full-time resources that we do to professional development. Learn more about some aspects of our approach to professional development.

Orientation. Your training at Vedder Price begins during your summer program and continues throughout your career. We complement your on-the-job experiences with an in-depth orientation program that introduces you to our practice of law. Your orientation will cover firm history, philosophy, practice composition, pro bono work and much more.

Evaluation. As a Vedder Price associate, you receive formal evaluation feedback at least once a year. An associate advisor in your practice area will represent you on the Associate Evaluation Committee (AEC), and you will receive an annual rating based on the quality of your work, your contribution to our firm’s economic growth and your professionalism, leadership and initiative.

Training. We offer corporate, labor and litigation education and training programs in a variety of forums—including monthly practice meetings, lunch sessions, online programming and outside seminars. We also provide ongoing training on a wide variety of topics such as legal writing, business development, ethical considerations, interviewing candidates and negotiation skills. Each of our practice areas has an associate development coordinator who plans and executes substantive training programs for associates.

Mentoring Programs. As a new associate, you are matched with an associate mentor for your first two years. Your mentor serves as a go-to resource for questions and guidance, particularly in your practice group. Often, these mentoring relationships continue beyond the official two-year period. Through mentoring relationships, we help you develop and implement an individualized professional and business development plan based on your needs and desires for professional growth.

Rotation. We have no formal rotation system. Rather, we give careful consideration to your preferences and seek to provide opportunities for experience in that area. As a new attorney, we encourage you to work on a variety of matters upon joining the firm. As you gain experience and interest in a particular area or areas, you will have opportunities to focus your practice and take on greater responsibilities.