Vedder Price

Land Use and Zoning Vedder Service

We regularly represent Fortune 500 companies, developers and privately held companies with a wide variety of land use and development entitlements and governmental financial assistance programs, including:

  • All land use approvals, including rezoning, planned unit development, special use, variations and exceptions
  • Annexation, subdivision, street/alley vacation, stormwater management issues, impact fees and other exactions
  • Governmental financial incentives for expansion, relocation and redevelopment of properties

In addition, our attorneys:

  • Provide governmental relations and lobbying assistance
  • Structure innovative master plans, ordinances and agreements
  • Support land use and zoning due diligence in refinancings, purchases and foreclosures
  • Counsel on relevant laws and regulations, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 or state acts such as the Illinois Environmental Barriers Act
  • Assist with other community relations and outreach



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