Vedder Price

Diversity Sponsorships, Organizations and Events

Vedder Price is a member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, and actively sponsors or is involved in a wide variety of diverse bar and law student affinity organizations, including committing attorney time to mentor diverse law students and their student organizations. We also provide financial support to many such organizations through their fund-raising and related efforts.

In addition, many Vedder Price attorneys contribute to, participate in and support diversity and women’s scholarships and other funds, serve as tutors and career mentors, and support other community-based programs.

As part of our efforts to promote diversity in the legal profession, in addition to creating the Vedder Price Diversity Scholarship, we have proudly sponsored the following organizations and events:

  • Apna Ghar
  • Asian American Bar Association
  • Association of Corporate Counsel Foundation
  • Big Careers Little Kids
  • Chicago Committee
  • Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law
  • Cook County Bar Association
  • Equality Illinois
  • Gotham Cares
  • Hispanic Lawyers Scholarship Fund of Illinois
  • Illinois Diversity Council
  • International Aviation Women’s Association
  • Lambda Legal
  • Leadership Council on Legal Diversity
  • Licensing Executives Society (LES) Women in Licensing Committee
  • National Asian Pacific American Bar Association
  • Northwestern Women’s Leadership Coalition
  • Project Fierce
  • South Asian Bar Association of Chicago
  • South Asian Bar Association of North America
  • University of Illinois Black Law Students Association
  • University of Illinois Latino/Latina Law Students Association
  • Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia
  • Women’s Bar Association of Illinois
  • YMCA of San Francisco