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Employment Solicitor Daniel Stander recently commented in HR Grapevine on the United States General Services Administration issuing a directive ban against napping at work.

Although the government just recently defined its anti-napping at work policy, many have already begun lobbying on behalf of a decision reversal. Other large employers in the U.S. have already addressed sleep deprivation and fatigue at work with the addition of dedicated nap rooms and napping policies.

According to Mr. Stander, the current climate around workplace napping is divisive, particularly among various industries. He states, “Some employers treat it as a misconduct issue, whilst others are actively incorporating it in their workplace policies in order to try and achieve better standards of wellbeing, engagement and productivity amongst employees.” Mr. Stander adds, “In other lines of work, more reliant on cerebral thought or working long hours at a computer rather than real-time decision-making contingent on being awake, employers have been more open to the concept of workplace napping as part of their corporate wellness strategy.”

Mr. Stander recommends that employers take sleep deprivation situations seriously, regardless of industry, and develop workplace napping policies to ensure that permission is consistent.

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