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Vedder Thinking | News Daniel Stander Comments on Japan’s Glasses Ban for Female Employees in HR Grapevine

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Employment Solicitor Daniel Stander recently commented on reports that some employers in Japan have banned female employees from wearing glasses to work in HR Grapevine.

The article focuses on workplace discrimination and gender disparity issues which have come to light in Japan, specifically those that target female employees. Much of the current debate revolves around whether or not these bans qualify as company policies, or are instead a reflection of outdated sociocultural norms. Other instances of gender-based discrimination have already been noted in Japan, including the pressure placed on female job seekers to wear their hair in uniform ponytails when attending job interviews – a case with no comparable pressure placed on males.

According to Mr. Stander, unless there are specific elements of the job that require restrictive dress codes, these types of bans would constitute unlawful discrimination in the UK. He states, “There may be more sympathy to employers who have sought to impose such a policy to both men and women equally in order to promote a company’s brand and image but the singling out of female employees is likely to be unlawful in the UK, assuming there is no equivalent requirement for men.” Mr. Stander concludes with the suggestion that “employers should strive to implement dress code policies fit for the 21st century. This means implementing a collaborative and non-discriminatory policy to help reinforce a professional working environment.”

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