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Vedder Price is pleased to announce that Dana Mehlman, an Environmental Associate in the Litigation practice group and based in the firm’s Chicago office, has been elevated to Vice President of the University of Illinois Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Association (CEEAA).

“We’re proud to support Dana’s engagement with the CEEAA, and her appointment to Vice President is commendable,” said Shareholder and Chair of the Litigation practice area Thomas P. Cimino, Jr. “Her commitment to service speaks to our culture.  We are focused on providing client service across industries with a team of professionals from different professional backgrounds and disciplines.” 

Mehlman began her tenure with the CEEAA in 2012. Over the past decade, she has served as the Chair of the Student Support Committee, which assists the department by developing and coordinating programs for the benefit of students through interaction with alumni. She has also served as a member of the Alumni Interaction Committee, which focuses its attention on developing and improving the department’s relationships with its alumni, and as a member of both the Award/Nominating Committee and the Executive Finance Committee. In addition, she was instrumental in the development of the Young Engineers Division, which she spearheaded in 2019.

“We congratulate Dana on this achievement and the leadership that she has shown through her work with CEEAA,” said Chief Attorney Professional Development Officer Laurel Dearborn. “The firm is committed to supporting our Associates’ professional development and growth, a key component of which is their involvement with professional associations.”

Mehlman notes of her new position with the CEEAA, “it is just a small way that I have found to give back to an institution that has given me the foundation not only for my prior engineering career, but for my current career as an environmental attorney.”

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois, founded in 1867, has over 13,000 living alumni found in many major organizations throughout the global economy: in large and small engineering firms, in government agencies, consulting firms, major corporations, universities and more. 

The mission of the CEEAA is to work with and support the department faculty, staff, students, and alumni and to inspire lifelong loyalty and pride among alumni and friends by developing and enhancing their continued relationship with the department. 


Dana B. Mehlman