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Trademarks Vedder Service

Vedder Price's trademark attorneys represent clients in all facets of trademark law, from initial counseling of clients at the moment of selection of the mark through the steps linked with the initial use in commerce and trademark marking requirements, the validation of marketing brochures and the use of legal disclaimers.

Our attorneys also manage the entire process of registration, renewals and expansion around the world either directly in other countries or via the Madrid System for International Registration of Trademarks.

Our preliminary searches are performed in-house, using selected databases containing U.S. and state registrations, foreign registrations and pending U.S. applications. With this in-house capability, our trademark attorneys are able to give clients immediate clearance and counseling on proposed marks to avoid problematic branding at the earliest steps of the process. Our trademark attorneys have filed and managed thousands of marks both nationally and around the world, which include color marks, shape marks, word marks, design marks and certification marks. The firm also handles, when necessary, appeals to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in applications as well as opposition and cancellation proceedings in the U.S. Trademark Office and appeals of such proceedings to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Our Intellectual Property group is experienced in drafting trademark licensing agreements covering services and goods offered under a mark, as well as franchising agreements and disclosure documents complying with state and federal laws in connection with the franchising of clients’ marks. Other transactions include joint ventures, strategic alliances, supply/distribution, co-branding and marketing/promotion/advertising agreements. Over the years, our attorneys have sent hundreds of cease and desist letters and successfully enforced or defended against marks both online or in traditional outlets.

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