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Jonathan Maude recently discussed the unfounded employment fears related to the possibility of the UK departing the European Union in The Brief, a compilation of legal-industry news presented daily by The Times.

If the UK were to leave but still maintain a close relationship with the EU, it might be required to implement employment regulation which requires implementation of all key provisions of EU employment law. Mr. Maude supports this view and maintains that fears about the consequences of leaving the EU are overblown in relation to employment law. “So much, whilst EU-generated, is now part of the UK legal fabric that I cannot see a great deal changing.”

He continues, “For instance, the equality and discrimination law has, in large part, been EU-led and we are hardly going to repeal that. Even if there are changes to be made, it is going to be a lengthy, drawn out process – we have no obligation to change if we do split from the EU.”

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