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Vedder Thinking | News Jonathan Maude Discusses the Brexit Debate and Its HR Aspects in People Management Article

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Jonathan Maude, a Partner in Vedder Price’s London office and Chair of the UK/EU Law Committee, was recently quoted in a People Management article on the Brexit debate. Mr. Maude, along with other professionals, discuss how a “leave” vote might affect HR aspects and employment law in the UK.

He notes that it is more likely that the government would tinker with aspects of EU-derived employment law that have proven unpopular with business or created too much red tape, instead of eroding certain UK rights that were put in place in the 1990s to protect employees.
"The changes are more likely to be around how people work, their terms and conditions, rather than direct cuts to people’s rights,” said Maude. “Much of [the legislation] was driven by the EU, but the bulk of it–such as discrimination law–sits within UK society, and we can’t really argue with it. If we say that some of these rights should be eroded, that would [have an] impact on how we recruit. Millennials have grown up with these rights.”

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Jonathan C. Maude