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Jonathan Maude, a Partner in Vedder Price’s London office and Chair of the UK/EU Law Committee, was recently heavily quoted in an HR Grapevine article on parental leave and the rights available to employees while on it. Mr. Maude notes that employees on parental leave retain their employee rights and it is in a business’ best interests to ensure they feel connected during their time away.

“The employment contract still subsists and so employees will continue to benefit from statutory rights during the period of absence, such as the accrual of statutory holiday entitlement, the employer's implied obligation of trust and any contractual terms and conditions relating to notice periods,” said Mr. Maude. “Equally, the employee remains bound by the implied obligation of good faith, any contractual terms and conditions relating to notice periods; disclosure of confidential information; acceptance of gifts or benefits; and the employee should not work in another business.”

To read the article and Mr. Maude’s comments in full, please click here


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