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Vedder Thinking | News Jonathan Maude Comments on Privacy Factors of DNA Testing in Workplace Assessments in Personnel Today

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Jonathan Maude was recently featured in a Personnel Today article by Jo Faragher on the emergence of DNA testing and genetic assessments that can predict a person’s potential and help develop people’s careers. The author ponders whether genetic analysis is an ethical minefield or the future of workplace assessment. The article then turns to legal professionals who raise questions on the reliability of DNA to predict someone’s potential, as well as the ethical issues if an employer decides to use these insights to make decisions on someone’s career progression or salary.

Mr. Maude believes that the main concern in exploring DNA-based assessment would be a breach of privacy rules, most importantly, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Because of the highly sensitive nature of this data, it requires a higher level of protection under GDPR,” he says. “The sensible way of looking at it is to ask what would we have in place to protect us if there were allegations of a breach? Is it encrypted?”

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