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Vedder Thinking | Events John Pearson to Present at Ishka ESG: Committing to a Cleaner Aviation Future


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March 31, 2022

John Pearson will present at the first ESG-dedicated conference Ishka ESG: Committing to a Cleaner Aviation Future, on March 31. Ishka's first ESG-SAFS focused conference goal is to foster dialogue between the aviation sector and regulators to ensure that aviation is well-placed to meet its sustainability responsibilities and regulators fully understand the challenges and realities facing owners, operators and manufacturers in aviation. Ishka ESG: Committing to a Cleaner Aviation Future will examine the development of a new regulatory landscape governing how aviation must evolve to meet its responsibilities to climate change and how the industry is collaborating to meet these demands.

Mr. Pearson will speak on the session entitled "Regulation to ensure sustainable aviation – carrot or stick?." Mr. Pearson is also the lead associate on Vedder Price Global Transportation Finance ESG Task Force.

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