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Vedder Thinking | Events Global Transportation Finance Attorneys to Speak at 2015 UK School of Corporate Jet Finance


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July 6-8, 2015

Vedder Price Shareholders and members of the Global Transportation Finance team Edward K. Gross, David M. Hernandez and Derek Watson will be speaking at Corporate Jet Investor’s 2015 UK School of Corporate Jet Finance. This fourth annual interactive course will use practical examples and case studies to give the participants knowledge and understanding to close aircraft transaction deals.

Mr. Hernandez will be presenting on "Key Legal Aspects of the Sales Process" and "Managing Risks: What Can Go Wrong?" Mr. Gross will be speaking on "Debt Finance," and he and Mr. Watson will lead a session titled "Lease Versus Loan Considerations." Mr. Watson will be also be speaking on "The Tri-Partite Agreement Between Owners, Operators and Financiers."

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Edward K. Gross


David M. Hernandez


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