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October 19-20, 2015

Vedder Price Shareholders and members of the firm's Global Transportation Finance team Edward K. Gross and David M. Hernandez will be speaking at Corporate Jet Investor's 2015 U.S. School of Corporate Jet Finance in Miami on October 19–20. The annual two-day seminar provides attendees hoping to better understand aircraft transactions with practical examples, case studies and interactive activities to learn how to close deals.

Mr. Gross will be presenting on two topics, both on October 19. The first, "Structuring Debt Finance," will examine term sheets and aircraft loan agreements, security documents and the basic structural elements comprising debt finance. The second, "Lease versus Loan Considerations," will touch upon types of leases and mortgages and their differences as well as how to properly file loans, leases and mortgages.

Mr. Hernandez will be presenting on a number of topics during the two-day seminar. "Key Elements of the Sale Process and Documenting the Sale" will highlight the most important elements of the LOI, aircraft sale and purchase agreement and seeing deals through to completion. "When Bad Things Happen to Good Deals" will focus on details that financers should worry about and provide suggestions on how financers can protect themselves from unfortunate deal situations, which will lead into Mr. Hernandez’s case study on problem aircrafts. Mr. Hernandez will also co-lead one of the closing presentations summarizing key takeaways from the event.

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