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Franchise/Distributor/Dealer Litigation Vedder Service

Vedder Price represents franchisors and manufacturers in a wide variety of litigation and related matters.

You can expect the extensive experience necessary for effective and efficient representation, delivered in a manner that reflects your needs and budget, while also demonstrating sensitivity to the relationships involved.

Broad franchise and dealer litigation experience. Our attorneys routinely defend clients against claims arising from U.S. federal and state statutes and state common law. This includes claims brought under antitrust laws, the PMPA, state franchise and distributorship statutes, uniform acts and business torts, such as unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, fraud, defamation, tortious interference, account stated, unjust enrichment and equitable accounting.

In addition, we are routinely called on to defend against claims for emergency and preliminary injunctive relief in both U.S. federal and state court seeking to enjoin franchisors and manufacturers from exercising their contractual rights.

Understanding of the unique nature of franchisor-franchisee and manufacturer-distributor relationships. For the companies and individuals involved, franchise and distributor litigation is one of the most hard-fought and important types of litigation there is. The outcome can significantly impact a company’s ability to carry out its business plan and maintain a consistent, strong image across its network or distribution system. On the other side of the equation, it may impact a franchisee’s or distributor’s entire life’s work or business. Our team is sensitive to this unique relationship and conducts business and litigation in a manner respectful to all those involved.

Added commercial and intellectual property knowledge. As a full-service legal firm, we have access to an extensive array of commercial and intellectual property litigation experience in areas such as breach of warranty, product liability, trademark/trade dress infringement, patent infringement, copyright infringement, theft of trade secrets, unfair competition, restrictive covenants, premises liability and personal injury.

Sound understanding of liability trends nationally and around the world. We understand the theories of liability and the trends in litigation against franchisors and distributors in both U.S. federal and state court, as well as in arbitration settings around the world. Whatever the action, there is a good chance we have experience litigating the issue.

Efficient case management. Our attorneys recognize the importance of sound case management, staffing and budgeting. We have established systems that enable us to share timely, accurate and detailed information about pending matters—and, more important, we are committed to doing so.



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