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Vedder Thinking | Articles Daniel Stander Discusses Drafting Employee Handbook Policies in the #MeToo Era


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Daniel Stander, a Solicitor in Vedder Price’s London office and member of the firm’s Employment group, recently wrote an article for People Management outlining how employers can ensure their employee handbooks are effective and meaningful in the #MeToo era.

Mr. Stander covers procedures employers should follow when drafting employee handbooks and elements to consider in the wake of #MeToo and whistleblowing scandals that have impacted workplaces. According to Mr. Stander, three keys to maintaining a meaningful handbook include policy succinctness, regularly seeking feedback and committing to regular handbook audits.

Mr. Stander notes, “Businesses have varied reasons for adopting handbooks, including the setting of staff expectations, assisting management in enforcing rules, encouraging staff hiring and retention by showing that the business ‘gets it’, demonstrating compliance with regulations and laws for clients and setting the overall tone of the company. They are a key mode of communication between an employer and its staff; the question is, how can you make the policies effective and meaningful for those who use it?”

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Daniel Stander