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London Employment Associate Daniel Stander recently authored the article, “‘No Jab, No Job’ – The Latest Advice” in the latest issue of CLH News. His article examines the issues employers may face as it pertains to mandatory vaccinations.

With 50% of UK adults having already received their first dose of the vaccine, Mr. Stander believes employers may not have to engage with the question of mandatory vaccinations for employees. However, according to a recent statistic from YouGov, about 21% of adults do not plan to be vaccinated at all. Because of this, employers may consider implementing a policy requiring mandatory vaccinations, however Mr. Stander notes that requiring the vaccine is one thing, but enforcing it another entirely.

“The relevant question is whether the requirement to be vaccinated amounts to a ‘reasonable request’ that the employer can make of the employee.” Mr. Stander says, “Employers will need to justify why vaccination is necessary, considering the balance between the employee’s individual liberties and the benefit to colleagues and customers in reducing risk of transmission and infection in the workplace.”

The policy also could invite discrimination claims under the Equality Act. Employees with legitimate reasons for not being vaccinated, such as pregnancy, disabilities or religious beliefs, all could file potential complains against blanket policies of compulsory vaccination.

Mr. Stander concludes by saying, “ultimately, employers are recommended to avoid heavy-handed practices and instead approach vaccination in a cautious and considered way, leading with empathy.”

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