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London Employment Associate Daniel Stander recently authored an article for CLH News titled “Mandating Vaccinations in the Workplace as a Shot in the Arm for the Hospitality Sector?”

Although the conflict surrounding vaccinations in the workplace is growing, Mr. Stander wonders if the hospitality sector, an industry hit hard by the pandemic, sees it as a light at the end of the tunnel. He notes that the government may be trying to shift some responsibility for persuading millions of UK citizens to get the vaccine on to businesses, but “at present, and barring the government bringing in new legislation to address this issue, requiring employees to be vaccinated would be highly likely to result in employment disputes and ultimately claims against employers.” This also calls into question whether employers can require employees to provide evidence they have been vaccinated, which raises GDPR concerns.

Mr. Stander believes that while the concerns escalate, communication is imperative when navigating this issue. He compares it with providing information in the same way annual flu shots are considered in the workplace and notes it is important to find the balance between the health and safety of employees and the employees individual rights.

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To read the article in full, download the digital issue of CLH News here.


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