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London Employment Associate Daniel Stander recently authored an article on managing sensitive workplace conversations for People Management. In the article, Mr. Stander, a certified mental health first aider, outlines the importance of de-stigmatizing mental health and how employers can navigate these complex conversations.

Mr. Stander explains that businesses have a legal responsibility for ensuring that its employees are taken care of physically and mentally. For him, this begins with leadership. He writes, “Organisations need to ensure that managers are adequately trained and equipped to be able to lean into conversations around mental health without hesitation or fear of making matters worse.”

Despite the cultural advances to eliminate mental health stigma in the office, many employees find that it remains a sensitive subject. “It is important that managers themselves lead from the front and practise some self-care of their own. If they can lead by example and talk about their own experiences of mental health, it might help others open up where they would otherwise stay quiet.”

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To read the article in full in People Management, please click here.


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