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London Employment Associate Daniel Stander recently authored the article, “How businesses can improve mental health in the workplace” for People Management. As a certified mental health first aider, Daniel Stander offers insight on how organizations can best support their employees well-being.

While there has been progress made in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, there is still a lot of work for employers to do in order to provide employees with a safe work space. Mr. Stander explains that since March 2020, some employees have increased their work week by almost 25%. This blurred line between professional and personal life can put employees at risk of burnout.

In order to combat this, Mr. Stander urges employers to “embed pre-emptive action points in the business of well being strategy such as, checking in on individuals…encouraging the taking of annual leave and training line managers on how to communicate effectively.”

Mr. Stander explains that employers must take on the task of being acutely aware of early warning signs. Managers need to know how to empathetically listen and engage in difficult conversations with their employees.

Finally, Mr. Stander urges organizations to follow the lead of other prominent companies in seeking creative solutions for eliminating burnout. He includes examples such as Zoom-free days, regular therapy sessions or company-wide “wellness days.”

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