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London Employment Associate Daniel Stander recently authored an article on mental health and working from home in the midst of the COVID pandemic for People Management. In the article, Mr. Stander, a certified mental health first aider, outlines what employers can expect in the upcoming winter months and how to spot the early signs of potential mental health issues.

Mr. Stander explains that employers need to be acutely aware of early warning signs, including employees who are regularly late, never have their video on during meetings, change of email tone, irritability, absenteeism or signs of alcohol and drug misuse.

Mr. Stander recommends that managers have “regular check ins and create space for conversation about the demands of work and wellbeing” with their employees. By doing so, this demonstrates to the employees that their mental health is not only a priority, but will be treated with empathy and compassion.

If you have any questions concerning mental health at work or company policies, please contact Daniel Stander at +44 (0)20 3667 2861, any member of Vedder Price’s Labor & Employment group or any other Vedder Price attorney with whom you have worked.

To read the article in full in People Management, please click here.


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