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Vedder Thinking | News Brian McCalmon Appears on RiskTrends Podcast to Discuss Risks for Employers Associated with "No Poach" Agreements

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Brian McCalmon, Shareholder in Vedder Price’s Antitrust & Trade Regulation group, recently appeared on the RiskTrends Podcast to discuss the emerging risks for employers associated with the use of no-poach agreements.

Certain so-called “naked” no-poach agreements, when employers agree with each other not to solicit, recruit, hire without prior approval, or otherwise compete for employees, have come under increasing regulatory scrutiny. The United States Department of Justice has even begun to prosecute certain cases criminally in recent months. Mr. McCalmon joined the RiskTrends podcast to discuss the latest developments in no-poach enforcement and how employers can ensure compliance measures have been implemented to help them avoid potential liability. The podcast episode is available here.

Mr. McCalmon also recently published a client bulletin on recent trends in regulatory enforcement against employers utilizing “naked” no-poach agreements, which can be read here.


Brian K. McCalmon