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Vedder Thinking | News Anand Ramana Named Fellow of Leadership Council on Legal Diversity; Ariel Kelly and Amal Rafiq to Join Pathfinder Program

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Vedder Price is pleased to announce that Shareholder Anand Ramana has been named to the 2024 class of Fellows of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD). 

Former Vedder Price LCLD Fellows include Candice Zee, Benjamin O. Williams, Venu V. Talanki, Jeanah Park, David M. Hernandez and Andrew Torre. 

In addition, Ariel Kelly and Amal Rafiq were selected as members of the LCLD’s 2024 class of Pathfinders. 

“We are grateful to continue having the opportunity to collaborate with the LCLD, and are proud to have Anand, Ariel and Amal representing the firm in the Fellows and Pathfinder Programs this year,” said Andrew Torre, Chair of Vedder Price’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. “The experience they will get through their involvement with LCLD will be invaluable to them as they continue to advance in their careers.” 

This marks the firm’s seventh year partnering with the LCLD, and Vedder Price remains committed to fostering an inclusive environment across every area of the firm.

Founded in 2009, the LCLD has grown to an organization of more than 400 members who serve as either general counsel of major corporations or managing partners of the nation’s leading law firms. United by a spirit of activism and personal commitment, LCLD members participate widely in the programs they’ve created—leading by example, taking action and challenging the legal profession to prepare future generations of diverse talent for the highest positions of leadership. The LCLD Pathfinder Program is designed for diverse, high-potential, early career attorneys at LCLD member organizations. This program aims to provide Pathfinders with practical tools for developing and leveraging internal professional networks, foundational leadership skills and career development strategies applicable to in-house and law firm practice. The program is designed to supplement training initiatives at LCLD member organizations.

The Vedder Price Diversity & Inclusion Committee ensures that efforts to promote and enhance diversity and a culture of inclusiveness remain a priority at Vedder Price. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee is charged with ensuring our firm reflects the rich diversity of the communities and clients we serve. Vedder Price recognizes that the strength of its commitment to diversity and inclusion is a vital component of a better work environment and the success of our firm. Diversity is one of our core values and is integral to the way we run our firm. We promote and support diversity and inclusion within our firm by recruiting, hiring, retaining, training, developing and advancing a diverse group of attorneys and professional staff based on demonstrated merit and performance. Our commitment manifests itself in developing policies and practices to promote diversity and inclusion and engage everyone in that endeavor.

To learn more about the LCLD or the firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, please click here



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