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Vedder Thinking | News Amy Bess Comments on Employee Reimbursement During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Washington Business Journal

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Shareholder and Chair of the Labor & Employment practice area Amy L. Bess recently commented in the Washington Business Journal on the possibility of employers providing financial reimbursement to employees who are now working from home in response to the spread of COVID-19. In the article, Ms. Bess and other DC-area business leaders address pressing questions held by employers and employees whose workplaces have altered significantly in the recent weeks.

While covering reimbursement options available to employees who have moved into an entirely remote capacity, Ms. Bess states, “often, employers’ reimbursement policies will provide that if an employee works from home exclusively or the majority of the time, the employer will provide the basic equipment necessary to outfit the home office. However,” she continues, “if an employee only works from home occasionally, many employer’s policies would not reimburse the employee for home office expenses.” Although employers will typically only reimburse employees for expenses incurred as a result of performing work of the employer, Ms. Bess notes that businesses are still making efforts to make working from home a positive experience for employees. “Many employers are attempting to be as supportive and accommodating as possible in an effort to help employees do their work remotely, including by shipping office equipment to employees at their homes to help them set up remote offices,” she concludes.

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