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Vedder Thinking | News Vedder Price Team Wins Complex Asylum Case for Pro Bono Client in Los Angeles Immigration Court

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Vedder Price is pleased to announce that a team of its attorneys has secured a significant pro bono win leading to a U.S. Immigration Court Judge in Los Angeles granting asylum to the firm’s long-term pro bono client.

The Vedder Price team first began to represent this client in 2018, shortly after her arrival in the United States after fleeing persecution in El Salvador where she was subject to brutal attacks and death threats on account of her status as a Salvadoran woman viewed as property in the home.  

As part of its strategy, Vedder Price’s team engaged multiple high-profile experts, all of whom testified on the client’s behalf and helped secure the win in court, presenting compelling evidence of the conditions in El Salvador, and the client’s well-founded fear of future persecution if she were returned to her home country. 

“Our team was incredibly honored to represent this brave young woman who endured so much in her life,” said Vedder Price Associate Deborah Hedley. “Securing this win for our client is a career highlight for our entire team, where her life and physical safety were on the line.”  

The winning team for the firm consists of Anthony Pacheco, Deborah Hedley, Marie Christiansen, Nicholas Vera and Steven Galan. Pacheco, Vera and Galan were all instrumental in helping prepare the case for the hearing. Hedley first-chaired the evidentiary hearing, presenting the factual witnesses and arguments to the Court, while Christiansen effectively presented expert testimony from psychological experts. The Vedder Price team’s courtroom prowess ultimately won the day for the firm’s client and secured an important victory that will greatly improve and enhance her overall well-being and quality of life.


Anthony Pacheco


Marie E. Christiansen