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Vedder Price Shareholders Steven R. Berger, John H. Eickemeyer and Junaid A. Zubairi recently participated in the ALI CLE program, “Accountants’ Liability: Litigation and Issues in the Wake of the Financial Crisis,” held September 13-14, 2012. This annual course of study provided participants an overview of, and a range of perspectives on, the changing principles that govern the field of accountants’ liability. The course placed particular emphasis on the recent developments and emerging trends that have flowed from the financial crisis, the Madoff scheme and similar frauds, and economic globalization, as well as the key issues that the profession will likely face in the coming years. In addition, the program explained the impact of these changes on litigation and offered tips and practical suggestions for trying accountants’ liability cases.

For more information on this program, please visit ALI CLE website.


Steven R. Berger


Junaid A. Zubairi