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Vedder Price Shareholder Anthony Pacheco was a Panel Member participant at the recent Court Leadership Academy & Conference sponsored by The National Association of Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers, which took place August 21-24 in Anaheim, CA.

The Panel discussion was entitled, “Judiciary Under Attack:  Confronting Disinformation, Fake News and Online Attacks,”  and it explored what state and local judicial systems can do to address unjustifiable attacks on trial judges., The conversation also focused on the role of the judiciary in our democracy, and how trial court leaders can be part of the effort to mitigate unconscionable assaults on trial judges and the judiciary. 

In the session, Pacheco focused on discussing methods, including coordinated virtual attacks, utilized by those seeking to threaten, harass, intimidate and violently interact with judges.  He also discussed important measures that judges can take to address those risks including injunctive relief, coordination with law enforcement and employing proactive measures like comprehensive digital hygiene.   

The Hon. Maria Hernandez, Assistant Presiding Judge, Superior Court of California, County of Orange moderated the panel.  Other panelists included a) the Hon. James Brandlin, (ret.), Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles;  b) Alberto Martinez, Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center, Director;  c) Darren Toms, President, Conference of Court Public Information Officers, Cuyahoga County OH Court PIO; and d) Sgt. Brian Gunsolly, Community Programs, Orange County Sheriff’s Department.


Anthony Pacheco