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Vedder Thinking | News BTI Consulting Group Recognizes Vedder Price for Top Client Service

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Announced today in the Law360 article "GCs Say 13 Firms Provide Best Bang For The Buck," BTI Consulting Group has released its 2013 Client Service A-Team list. Out of more than 332 law firms, BTI names Vedder Price one of seven firms as “‘leaders of the best’ at providing value for the dollar.”

BTI President Michael Rynowecer stated in the Law360 article, "In a market getting more demanding by the month, if you can be at the top of your client service game that really speaks to how well you handle resources for your client." Law360 reports that the BTI Client Service A-Team list says "firms add value for their clients by exceeding expectations, recommending clear decisions on complex issues, offering extensive research and background materials on regulatory issues, and keeping a client constantly aware of the company's legal risk profile."

About the Methodology

According to BTI, "The BTI Client Service A-Team evaluates individual law firm performance through the eyes of the client. No law firms influence the results, submit nominations or provide client names. The research is independent and unbiased. Solely the client—the most important judge of client service—decides which law firms are best at the 17 activities driving superior client relationships. This fact-based, comprehensive analysis draws on more than 3,400 client interviews conducted over the span of 12 years. This year’s analysis relies on more than 240 independent, one-on-one interviews with corporate counsel to delineate—by name and rank—precisely how more than 332 law firms perform along the 17 activities driving superior client relationships. The only way to earn a score in this ranking is to be recognized, unprompted, by one of your firm’s clients as delivering client service excellence."

More information on BTI's methodology