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Vedder Thinking | News Vedder Price Launches New Parent Attorney Mentoring Program

Diversity Committee and WAVES Women’s Group Sponsor the Initiative Pilot in Chicago Office

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Vedder Price is pleased to announce the launch of a New Parent Attorney Mentoring Program, piloting in the Chicago office. The program is sponsored by the Vedder Price Diversity Committee and Women at Vedder Empowering Success (WAVES).

This initiative is for soon-to-be parents and those returning from leave following the birth, adoption, foster or placement of a child in their homes. The program will pair attorneys who are expecting or have recently returned to work with at least one shareholder mentor and one associate mentor who are experienced parents and can provide guidance, insight and support to mentee attorneys.

“As a working mother and a female shareholder at the firm, it’s important to me that Vedder provide support and guidance to new parents to try to help them adjust to a life changing event while excelling in their careers and raising their children,” said Shareholder and Chicago WAVES Chair Elizabeth N. Hall. “I am proud of the parent-based initiatives offered by our Diversity Committee and WAVES, and look forward to continuing to mentor and support fellow parents through this important stage in their personal and professional lives.”

To kick off the initiative, WAVES hosted a lunch and learn led by Ms. Hall and panelists Bryan Clark, Nicole Islinger, Michelle Olson and Michael Schein to discuss the delicate balance of being a working parent. In addition to the New Parent Attorney Mentoring Program, Vedder Price has partnered with Milk Stork, a travel solution for breastfeeding moms on the go. Milk Stork provides the firm’s breastfeeding employees who are traveling on business the ability to transport their breast milk, either by carrying it with them on the plane or shipping it to their home.

Vedder Price is committed to maintaining and enhancing a diverse workforce and inclusive work environment—one that recognizes, respects and appreciates the individual differences among us and promotes both the individual success of our people and our ability to serve clients to the best of our ability as an organization. To learn more about the firm’s diversity initiatives, please click here.


Elizabeth N. Hall