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Vedder Thinking | Events Vedder Price Attorneys to Co-Chair and Present at PLI’s Patent Fundamentals Bootcamp 2017 in New York



June 14-16, 2017

Shareholders of the Vedder Price IP team will co-chair and present at PLI’s “Patent Fundamentals Bootcamp 2017: An Introduction to Patent Drafting, Prosecution, and Litigation” in New York on June 14-16. The program will focus on teaching the basics of claim drafting, patent application preparation and prosecution, and also provide a review of recent developments in the law. The seminars will provide a unique combination of patent prosecution lectures and mentoring, where attendees will learn to prepare a patent application that satisfies the statutory requirements for patentability, prosecute an application to obtain allowance of an enforceable patent and interview an examiner among other skills.

Shareholder Angelo J. Bufalino will again Co-Chair the program. Shareholder Thomas J. Kowalski will present the session, Patent Prosecution. This session provides an overview of patent prosecution, including changes made by the America Invents Act. Mr. Kowalski will focus on common mistakes made in responding to Office Actions, explain the differences between objections and rejections, and give advice for responding to each, among many other topics.

Shareholder Deborah L. Lu, Ph.D., will act as one of the clinic instructors, working with the attendees on an amendment problem relating to a sample invention. The clinic serves as a unique supplement to the lectures and will provide the kind of hands-on mentoring that senior attorneys are hard-pressed to provide on a day-to-day basis.

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Angelo J. Bufalino


Thomas J. Kowalski


Deborah L. Lu, Ph.D.