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Vedder Thinking | News Vedder Price Achieves 2022-2023 Mansfield Certification

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Vedder Price is pleased to announce it has achieved 2022-2023 Mansfield Certification through close collaboration and engagement with Diversity Lab to track, measure and achieve diversity in leadership.

Focused on opening the door wider and ensuring that opportunities are inclusive, Vedder Price considered broad slates of qualified talent for leadership roles that included at least 30% historically underrepresented lawyers such as women lawyers, underrepresented racial and ethnic lawyers, LGBTQ+ lawyers and lawyers with disabilities. 

“This is an outstanding accomplishment and milestone for us that demonstrates the firm’s strong commitment to diversity and inclusion,” said Andrew Torre, Shareholder and Chair of Vedder Price’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee. “As a firm, we celebrate this certification and look forward to continuing to further build upon the key principles of this important program.” 

In addition, as part of the certification process, Vedder Price worked to enhance transparency related to leadership roles, advancement processes and compensation policies.