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Vedder Thinking | News Sam Tyfield Provides Input on MiFID II Standards for TABB Forum Article, “MiFID II & Best Execution- How Leaning on Specialists can Help”

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Sam Tyfield, a partner in the firm’s London Finance & Transactions practice, recently provided valuable input for an article written by Andrew Walton, Tourmaline Partners LLC's Head of European Business. In the article published by the TABB Forum, the author notes that the requirements of MiFID II have created an additional layer of complexity for most market participants, even though the architects of the directive may have thought the new rules would be relatively straight forward.

He mentions the UK’s regulatory body, the FCA, has gone a step further in its interpretation of the rules, tying the concept of “best execution” to other factors such as conduct, renumeration and conflicts of interest. The rest of the article explores the requirements through a regulatory lens and advises firms to leverage both outsourced and/or supplemental trading to better achieve “best execution,” manage costs and fulfill their fiduciary duty to their clients.

Mr. Tyfield has frequently commented on MiFID II and its implications for buy-side and sell-side firms since its inception a year ago. For more of his commentary and analysis on the UK markets and the challenges this regulation causes for investors, please click here.

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