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Sadina Montani’s presentation “Social Media in the Workplace: Opening a Pandora’s Box?” which was part of the program at Vedder Price’s recent Employment Law Update seminar in Washington, DC, was featured in BNA’s Bulletin to Management article “Practitioners Discuss Various Pitfalls of Using Social Media to Vet Job Applicants.”

Among other topics in her presentation, which was directed to human resources managers and supervisors, Ms. Montani urged employers to create and implement company policies on the use of social media sites in the recruiting and hiring process. Ms. Montani also urged employers to use the institution of such policies to educate managers and individuals outside of human resources involved in hiring decisions on the risks related to the use of social media.

This type of policy, Ms. Montani explained, can “serve as a safeguard to protect an employer in case a group of applicants claims they were not hired because decision-makers saw certain information about them via social media before the hiring process even started."

"Practitioners Discuss Various Pitfalls of Using Social Media to Vet Job Applicants” appeared in the November 1, 2011 issue of BNA’s Bulletin to Management, which analyzes developments in employment and human resources management.


Sadina Montani