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Shareholder Ryan S. Hedges was recently interviewed for a Law360 article titled “Why Greg Craig’s Defense Team Began with Offense.” The article discusses strategic considerations behind the statement issued by Craig’s attorneys that they expect Craig to be indicted by the U.S. Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia on charges related to work performed for Paul Manafort during the time Manafort lobbied on behalf of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. The article explores the decision of Craig’s defense team to announce the expected charges before any criminal case was officially filed.

Mr. Hedges, a member of the firm’s Government Enforcement & Special Investigations group and former federal prosecutor, explained that “Suspects may learn about looming charges when they are given the opportunity to negotiate a plea agreement or other resolution, but otherwise it’s not a regular occurrence.” He added that one should publicly acknowledge expected criminal charges “only when it is absolutely certain an indictment is coming.” Mr. Hedges noted there may be potential advantages to consider in making such a statement before charges are actually filed.

Mr. Hedges has also been recently quoted by Law360 in regard to a Virginia federal judge’s sentencing of Paul Manafort (see Ryan Hedges Comments on the Impact of Manafort’s Sentence in Law360).

To read the full text of the article on the anticipatory announcement by Craig’s defense team and Mr. Hedges’ comments in full, please click here. (Subscription may be required.)


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