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The second edition of The Commercial Aircraft Finance Handbook, published by Routledge, authored by Vedder Price Shareholder and senior member of the firm’s Global Transportation Finance team Ron Scheinberg has been released. This book in its updated form is a resource for every type of aircraft practitioner and offers a complete view of the process of aircraft financing and the myriad of issues that can arise. It also provides an enhanced analysis on topics including, but not limited to, deal structuring and credit agencies, insurance coverage and risk assessment.

“Since the last edition of this book, there has been a sea of change in aircraft financing including new market participants both on the debt finance and the lessor sides of the structures,” explains Scheinberg. “With the improving credit of both airlines and leasing companies, global transportation finance continues to evolve so we’ve prepared a book that addresses these new conditions, while explaining various terminology and working through the complexity and strategy of commercial aircraft finance.”

Those who should read the second edition:

  • Aircraft finance lawyers
  • Aircraft finance bankers and investment bankers
  • Treasury analysts/treasurers in airlines and airframe and engine manufacturers
  • Export credit agency bankers and analysts
  • Appraisers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Hedge fund analysts investing in aircraft-distressed paper
  • Insurance companies investing in aircraft-secured paper
  • Operating lessor treasury analysts

The book has been well-received in the industry. Here is what some industry leaders have to say about it:

This handbook is the perfect match for each practitioner wishing to obtain condensed and focused ad-hoc information at a highly sophisticated level within a short timeframe. The concept of this publication is unique among the textbooks on Aircraft Finance and will become an indispensable element of the practitioners’ daily work.’

— Matthias Reuleaux LLM, Managing Director & Legal Counsel, Aircraft Finance Department, NORD/LB

‘I have known Ron for most of my professional career as a friend and trusted advisor, he is a brilliant lawyer with a keen business sense and great attention to detail. The Commercial Aircraft Finance Handbook is a needed, informative and refreshing reference filling a void in the complicated and complex Aviation Finance industry.’

— Scott Paige, Portfolio Manager, AAG Capital Markets LLC, Miami

To learn more about The Commercial Aircraft Finance Handbook or to purchase a copy, please click here.


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