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Vedder Thinking | News Bruce Radke Quoted in Recent Washington Internet Daily Article on California’s DNT Law

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Bruce A. Radke, Chair of the firm's Records Management, eDiscovery and Data Privacy practice group, was recently quoted in the Washington Internet Daily article "Websites Work to Comply with California's DNT Law." The California Do-Not-Track (DNT) law that took effect January 1 requires only a slight change to website and mobile app privacy policies, but it could be the opening round in a long debate over how online tracking is regulated. Many websites have already expressed confusion on the statute’s third-party privacy policy disclosure language.

Mr. Radke weighs in on the DNT law by saying that much of the guidance on the law will fall to the California attorney general's office. In early December, the office held meetings to discuss questions about third-party disclosures, said Mr. Radke. "We've been told some best practices are going to come out in January of [2014]," Radke said. California has been at the forefront of Internet privacy legislation in several areas. The state's data breach notification laws, in effect since 2003, expanded January 1 as well to include more types of information under the definition of "personal information," Mr. Radke added.

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