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Global Transportation Finance Shareholders Francis X. Nolan, III (New York) and Ji Woon Kim (Singapore) joined F. Humera Ahmed VP of Legal & Business Development of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based manager of the Liberian Registry, for a recorded Q&A on ship financing charters.

Watch the video below (or click here to watch on Vimeo) for in depth analysis from Mr. Nolan and Mr. Kim as they provide a history of traditional ship financing and answer questions such as:

  • What is a finance charter, and how has this financing structure ben used and grown in shipping in recent years?
  • How is a finance charter different from other forms of financings?
  • What led to the development and amendment to Liberia’s maritime law to allow lease financing structures to be recorded as mortgages?
  • What are the legal elements to consider when recording a finance charter?
  • What are the benefits of recording a finance charter with the Liberia registry?
  • How is the Liberian laws and regulations for financing charters different from other laws typically found in the shipping sector?

Both Mr. Nolan and Mr. Kim have extensive experience in ship financing and in Liberian Maritime Law. In 2018, Mr. Nolan helped to modernize Liberia’s maritime laws to accommodate the increasing popularity of lease structures for ship financing, amendments that improved conditions for maritime lessors across the globe.



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