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Public and Private Companies & Director and Officer Defense Vedder Service

Responsive service, combined with extensive knowledge of current issues and trends in Director and Officer liability, is what you deserve. Vedder Price attorneys provide unmatched resources for public companies, directors and officers, and special committees in government investigations and related litigation. We understand the differences between the roles of different types of officers and directors, as well as the unique challenges associated with service in certain roles, such as audit committees, and we tailor our strategic approach accordingly.

Our team has extensive experience in a broad range of government investigations and litigation involving public companies and their directors and officers, including matters involving:

  • Financial Fraud, Accounting Irregularities and Related Financial Restatements
  • Whistleblower Allegations and Related Investigations
  • Corporate Governance, Internal Controls and Remediation
  • Corporate Disclosures
  • Investor Relations Activity

Oftentimes, when dealing with a government investigation, you may also face follow-on securities fraud class actions and/or shareholder derivative demands alleging breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, unjust enrichment and other wrongful conduct. Vedder Price's Government Investigations and White Collar Defense group has successfully defended companies, directors, and officers in both federal and state securities and derivative litigation. We work with you to consider all potential issues and develop an effective global defense strategy.

We regularly represent clients in connection with:

• Internal or special investigations relating to corporate misconduct and/or alleged violations of state and federal laws and regulations.

• Civil and/or white collar criminal investigations and enforcement actions involving:

  • — Alleged violations of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934
  • — Alleged violations of the Securities Act of 1933
  • — Alleged violations of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940
  • — Alleged wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering or other financial fraud
  • — Other securities fraud violations
  • — Insider trading violations
  • — Books and records violations
  • — Internal controls violations
  • — Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations
  • — False Claims Act violations
  • — Bribery, kickbacks and illegal gratuities
  • — Health care fraud violations
  • — SOX 304(a) clawback claims

Representative Matters

  • Representing a former accounting employee of a public transportation company in a federal criminal prosecution regarding alleged securities fraud and accounting fraud
  • Representing a former sales executive in connection with an SEC investigation and litigation pertaining to accounting practices and alleged revenue recognition violation at former employer
  • Representing a publicly traded engine supplier and multiple current and former employees in an SEC investigation stemming from a financial restatement and whistleblower allegations regarding the company’s revenue recognition practices, as well as related shareholder derivative lawsuits and a securities class action
  • Represented one of the largest non-traded real estate investment trusts and various of its officers and directors in connection with an SEC securities fraud investigation and related whistleblower allegations and follow-on special litigation committee investigation, securities class action and shareholder derivative litigation
  • Represented the former CFO of a large publicly traded pharmaceutical company in a special committee investigation, SEC investigation, various shareholder derivative lawsuits and a securities class action in connection with the company’s financial restatement arising from revenue recognition errors
  • Represented the former Chairman and CEO of a large consulting company in an SEC investigation in connection with a financial restatement and related SOX 304(a) clawback claims, and successfully convinced the SEC not to pursue individual enforcement action
  • Represented a large brand production company in an SEC investigation in connection with a financial restatement and resulting Wells process, and successfully convinced the SEC not to pursue enforcement action
  • Represented a former senior sales executive for an international electronics company in an SEC investigation relating to revenue recognition practices and financial reporting issues
  • Represented the former CEO of a logistics company in an SEC investigation in connection with a financial restatement involving the accounting treatment for rebates and successfully a negotiated settlement regarding SOX 304(a) clawback claims
  • Represented five individuals in an SEC investigation and administrative proceeding against the former CEO of a public company involving accounting fraud
  • Represented a telecom company in parallel SEC and DOJ investigations following a self-report to the SEC
  • Routinely conduct internal investigations on behalf of public companies