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Professional Membership and Accrediting Organizations Vedder Service

We have a long tradition of representing health care professional associations and accrediting organizations—from membership matters to disciplinary hearings, and from tax-exempt law to antitrust compliance. For many of our professional membership association clients, we serve as general counsel—providing support for litigation and other legal needs, including internal organizational and maintenance issues, as well as the many legal implications of an association’s interface with the industry and various governmental bodies. We also serve as special counsel, providing advice on discrete issues as they arise. We assist with:

  • Defining appropriate categories of membership
  • Evaluating membership applicants
  • Formulating disciplinary procedures to assess continuing qualification
  • Maintaining and conducting education programs

Standard setting, certification and accreditation programs. We represent many organizations that perform a unique and increasingly important role of setting standards for professional competence in the health care field. These include certifying boards, licensing agencies, accrediting bodies and various professional associations. In addition to providing antitrust experience, our attorneys are able to interpret the law as it applies to designing and implementing tests to measure competence. We can also provide advice on conflict-of-interest policies and other means to avoid antitrust liability arising from competitor involvement in standard setting.