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October 14, 2010

Closing Pandora's Box...A Legal Perspective

Are you familiar with the new and different ways that employees can get themselves and your organization in trouble by using social media? What can you, as an employer, do to limit your exposure and rein in the Twitter addicts, the LinkedIn lovers and Facebook fans?

The presentation is geared to the HR practitioner who advises department heads and senior management on this current topic of concern. The learning objectives are to understand when the HR business advisor has the right as well as responsibility to provide social media guidelines, what constitutes good social media guidelines, how to reign in overuse and personal use during the business day, and how to reduce limit exposure to your company. HR practitioners will come away from this session prepared to advise senior management and write company policy in this area.

Aaron R. Gelb, Vedder Price Labor and Employment Shareholder, will discuss these topics and offer practical advice for employers facing these troublesome issues.

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Aaron R. Gelb