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Vedder Thinking | News Michelle Olson featured in Bloomberg Law to discuss COVID-19 as long-term disability

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Vedder Price Shareholder Michelle T. Olson was recently featured in Bloomberg Law discussing COVID-19 as disability in the workplace, and how navigating these constantly changing after-effects could impact employers. 

The article breaks down the impact for employers and employees alike if the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission declares that COVID-19 can be considered a disability in the workplace due to some long term after-effects of the virus, such as brain fog. Last week the EEOC clarified that not every employee who contracts COVID-19 will be eligible for the disability, but rather those who are impacted by certain long term effects. Many employment attorneys have expressed the need for more guidance and believe that a case-by-case analysis will be a challenge. 

Olson shared her thoughts on how this could be difficult to manage, especially since we have seen that these symptoms change over time: “Medically there are still open questions what happens to people after they get Covid and the ongoing effects to our body.”

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Michelle T. Olson