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Vedder Thinking | News Michael Waters Quoted in Law360 Article “5 Tips for Aspiring Privacy Attorneys”

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As demand for privacy and data security legal counsel has grown, many law firms have launched dedicated privacy and data security groups, a subject matter very appealing to novice attorneys looking for a niche. Shareholder Michael Waters was recently quoted in a Law360 article, discussing the steps younger attorneys should take to make their mark in this growing field.

The article provides tips from experienced legal professionals, such as “Make your youth an asset,” “Embrace privacy’s broad reach,” “Understand technology” and “Give practical advice.” Mr. Waters notes that, “Oftentimes, it’s difficult to pitch business as a younger attorney, but this is an area where being young can actually be a benefit because you may have a better understanding of some of the relevant technology than some of your older colleagues.”

In regard to giving practical advice, Mr. Waters cites an example of an e-commerce startup coming up with a new product. “They don’t want to just know what their legal obligations are with respect to privacy, but how they can make sure that their product actually complies with those legal obligations, and attorneys have to be able to give that practical advice in addition to knowing the substantive law.”

For more of Mr. Waters’ tips and to read the full article, please click here.


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