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Vedder Thinking | Articles Margo Wolf O’Donnell Co-Authors Article for Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession


Shareholder and Chair of the Vedder Price Diversity Committee Margo Wolf O’Donnell recently co-authored an article published in the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession (IILP) Review 2017: The State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession.

In “The Next Generation of Women’s Diversity Initiatives,” Ms. O’Donnell and her co-author point out what law firm women’s initiatives need to do in order to truly help advance women in the legal profession. Many firms do not realize that along with a general diversity initiative, separate diversity initiatives for women can still be very impactful and beneficial. Effective women’s initiatives highlight and create programming to address implicit bias, ad hoc succession planning and opportunities for management and leadership positions for women. But most importantly, effective law firm women’s initiatives work to increase opportunities for women attorneys to grow their book of business, which is the key to success at law firms today.Law firm women’s initiatives can do this by offering training on how to market, by organizing client events for women attorneys and by providing other opportunities for women attorneys to network. Ms. O’Donnell and her co-author explain how firms can create this culture of professional development for female attorneys.

Ms. O’Donnell gathered information for this article from the work done to support women attorneys at Vedder Price through its women’s initiative, Women at Vedder Empowering Success, or WAVES.

To read Ms. O’Donnell’s article in full, please download the attachment below.


Margo Wolf O'Donnell