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  • Supreme Court Update
  • Seventh Circuit Invalidates Arbitration Agreement Which Required Each Party to Pay Its Own Attorneys' Fees
  • OSHA's "New" Ergonomics Initiative?
  • President Bush Makes Two Recess Appointments to The NLRB
  • Employer Violated NLRA By Disciplining An Employee For Displaying a Union-Related Computer Screen Saver Message
  • First High Court FMLA Case: Failure To Designate Time Off as Family/Medical Leave May Be Risky
  • No Back Pay for Undocumented Alien
  • Employers Dealt a Wild Card - Seniority System Trumps a Request for Accommodation
  • An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: An Update on the Importance of Comprehensive Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policies and Training
  • Seventh Circuit Rules Municipalities Can Be Sued Under the False Claims Act but Stays Decision Pending Appeal
  • Odds & Ends