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Vedder Thinking | Events Kevin A. MacLeod and Michael E. Draz to Present at the 2022 Ishka Aviation Investival: North America

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October 25, 2022

Vedder Price Shareholders Kevin MacLeod and Michael E. Draz will present at the 2022 Ishka Aviation Investival: North America on October 25, 2022. The event features industry professionals showcasing the hottest topics in aviation and the opportunity to connect with the members of the aviation finance community in North America. Vedder Price is a proud sponsor of the conference. 

Global Transportation Finance Shareholder and Head of New York Capital Markets Group Kevin MacLeod will present the panel discussion titled “Future aircraft ABS structures and buyer appetite,” The panel will discuss how sponsors are adapting new aircraft ABS to appeal to investors, if there will be more privately placed aircraft ABS, the current appetite among ABS investors for B, C and E -notes and if going private means more opportunity for investors to shape transactions.

Global Transportation Finance Shareholder Michael E. Draz will present on “INVESTOR PANEL: Aviation compared to other asset classes.” The panel will discuss the risk to reward ratios for each asset class, if investors are looking to diversify their portfolios or move away from aviation, the current benefits of investing in aviation, and how long-term the money is in aviation. 

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