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Vedder Thinking | Articles Juan Arciniegas and Sam Tyfield Author “What to Expect from ‘Brexit’” in The Investment Lawyer


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Chicago Shareholder Juan Arciniegas and London Partner Sam Tyfield recently published the article, “What to Expect from ‘Brexit’” in the Junie issue of The Investment Lawyer.

The authors cover:

  • A description of Brexit and the negotiations that have taken place since June 23, 2016;
  • MiFID2 and other EU financial services regulations, and how they relate to Brexit;
  • The effect of the Financial Conduct Authority and the UK’s financial services industry ceasing to subject to ESMA oversight;
  • The impact Brexit or a no-deal scenario would have on clearing and trading obligations; and
  • The unintended consequences and potential impact on jobs, reporting and record-keeping.

The authors conclude that “Brexit is bad for the financial industry,” and “the delay in Brexit has been used effectively by the EU to produce rules and issue statements that may well have the effect of driving firms, trading and services out of the UK into the EU.”

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Juan M. Arciniegas